Company: Obama for America
Contact: Scott Goodstein, External Online Director for Obama for America
Location: N/A
Industry: Politics—Government
Annual revenue: Confidential
Number of employees: Confidential

Quick Read

Mobile marketing offers a sense of immediacy and intimacy that few other media can. Such timely connection is what the Obama for America Presidential campaign leveraged to establish deeper relationships with supporters, provide them with breaking news, and motivate them to become active contributors and promoters.

A first in American politics, it was likely the first mobile campaign to be launched on such a massive scale. And it proved an effective device for organizing and getting out the vote, thanks in large part to a targeted approach that turned a nationwide program into localized operations.

This study shows how the Obama for America campaign was able to establish an opt-in list of more than 2.9 million Americans and provide them with the tools and inspiration to get directly involved in the campaign.


The Obama for America Presidential campaign was already well underway when it decided to engage in mobile marketing, because it couldn't ignore the channel's growing popularity.

"Over 80% of people have a mobile device according to the cellular communications industry," said Scott Goodstein, External Online Director for the Obama for America campaign. "That is critical mass."

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