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Radio Ads Boost Brand Affinity, Positive WOM


People who are exposed to radio ad campaigns demonstrate high levels of engagement with brands at all stages of the purchase funnel, and particularly across metrics such as brand affinity and advocacy, according to a study by Ipsos OTX MediaCT in partnership with Katz Marketing Solutions.

The new study compares results among consumers who had been exposed to radio ad campaigns (via listening to at least one station airing the ads) with a control group of people in the same market who had not listened to those stations.

Among 23 campaigns evaluated, on average, consumers' exposure to radio ads generated a lift at all stages of the purchase funnel, from brand familiarity (16%) to purchase consideration (12%), and most dramatically in brand affinity (39%) and recommendation (advocacy) (38%):

Below, additional findings from the Radio Effectiveness Study, by Katz Marketing Solutions and Ipsos OTX.

Radio appears to be successful across a variety of industries. Ad campaigns for movies, financial services, retail, consumer durables, and fast food were evaluated in the study; all showed stronger results among radio station listeners than the control group of non-listeners.

Wide Ranges in Creative Impact

Though the results comprise averages of 23 campaigns, overall impact did vary based on the perceived likeability of the spot.

Commercials that had high likeability (likeable among 53% of audiences) had roughly twice the impact across most creative metrics, compared with the least liked spots (likeable among 29% of audiences).

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Today's Radio Audience

More than nine in ten (93%) Americans age 12+ now listen to broadcast radio every week, according to [pdf] data compiled by Arbitron.

In the US, broadcast radio captures on average 14 hours of tune-in time each week,  with some variations by gender and age:

  • Men listen to broadcast radio at slightly higher levels than women, 15:37 (hours:minutes) vs. 13:48. 
  • Older adults age 35-64 are more like to listen to broadcast radio weekly, 15:39 vs. 13:16.  

Online Radio is a Complement to Broadcast 

Online radio listening is a complement to broadcast radio, not a substitute. Among weekly online radio listeners, 89% also listen to broadcast radio, compared with 11% who listen to online radio only.

About the data: The Ipsos OTX and Katz Marketing Solutions study compared results from consumers who had been exposed to radio ad campaigns (via listening to at least one station that aired the ads) with a control group of people in the same market who had not listened to those stations. A total of 1,000 consumers (exposed group and control group) participated in online surveys conducted throughout 2011. Ads were served only to consumers who fit the profile of client's stated marketing target.

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  • by David Kitongo Wed Dec 14, 2011 via web

    I didn't realize that radio was such a powerful medium, can the findings in USA be generalized to other parts of the world where the listener-ship is even higher.
    Great article.

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