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Find out what "bots" are and how they'll revolutionize social, and read all about how Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest plan to dive deeper into video. We'll also reveal whether Twitter will change its character limit, why first impressions in B2B hinge on social media, and how to make your brand a star on Tumblr. Skim to stay ahead of the bots!

The rise of bots and the post-app world

We're used to it—clicking our CNN app for news, our Uber app for a ride, and our OpenTable app for dinner reservations. But if the rumblings are true, everything we know about navigating our digital world could change this year, jumpstarted by the possible introduction of a Facebook Bot Store.

Launching such a store enables third-party developers (brands) to create chat app "bots"—software with AI features—that could revolutionize the way consumers... consume. Rather than jumping from one user-unfriendly app to another, people will use chat apps like Facebook Messenger or WhatsApp as a home base—a sort of one-stop shop to grab a taxi, shop online, pay bills, and order takeout via conversations with such bots.

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Christian Neri is a digital marketing professional in the film & television industry, and a contributor to MarketingProfs. An American expat in Paris, he recently completed his MS in digital marketing at IÉSEG School of Management.

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