Recently, I've seen social posts about human to human (H2H) as opposed to B2C or B2B, and I've seen the backlash against them: "Hey, it's not new! It's more jargon!"

Who is right? Both camps. Though the term isn't new, most of what marketers call "human" is whitewashing.

I named my company Keeping It Human five years ago. I've been writing about the human connection for years, and I'm not alone. It desperately needs to be talked about.

When Being Human Isn't

The term "human" is bandied about so pervasively because brands—especially in B2B—have a long way to go toward being human. Of course, I've also heard, "Our clients are too conservative for that."

Nonsense! People, not businesses, buy services. So, marketers repeat the "human" message yet most companies don't really get it.

My answer on how to be a better marketer hasn't changed: Stop marketing, and start connecting with meaningful conversations, not "positioning."

I've talked about "human" a lot in five years. Recently, many marketers have joined the growing chorus.

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Kathy Klotz-Guest, founder of Keeping It Human, helps companies turn marketing-speak into compelling human stories. A comic improviser and marketer, she also runs a marketing podcast. Reach her via

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