In Adobe's recent 2014 Digital Marketing Optimization Survey, 75% of respondents agreed that personalization is an effective method of converting site visitors into customers—yet many respondents struggle to implement a successful strategy.

Often, the struggle boils down to not understanding what personalization is.

It seems so simple: Ask customers what they want and then give it to them.

The Difference Between Personalization and Customization

Many marketers believe an immediate and mirror-like response to a customer's needs provides a personalized experience—except it doesn't. That's not personalization, that's customization.

So why do so many brands confuse the two? How is personalization different from customization? And who's getting it right?

First let's define both terms.

Personalization is collecting implicit or explicit user information to create a content delivery framework that not only manipulates the information presented to users but how it is presented.

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image of Tina Johnson-Marcel

Tina Johnson-Marcel is the former senior content lead for Siteworx, a digital experience agency.

LinkedIn: Tina Johnson-Marcel

Twitter: @tjmarcel Tina Johnson-Marcel