Customer champion and advocacy programs, though not new, have gained renewed interest for good reason. Because of recent technology, you can better identify, cultivate, manage, scale, and measure your brand champions—improving the impact of your program and making it more of a win-win for you and your advocates.

So if you don't have a champion program, now's the time to start one. If you do, you have a great impetus to make improvements where needed.

Who Are the Champions?

Champions are people who have invested in you, and they want to see and help you succeed.

Customers and partners, for example, have made both a monetary and a professional investment in choosing to do business with you, and they're looking for a two-way relationship that's mutually beneficial.

Employees are champions as well. They have made a decision with their careers and their success is tightly linked to the success of the organization.

Champion or advocacy programs are a way to engage with people who have an interest in helping you in ways that work to your mutual success.

Examples of ways to engage may include...

  • Acting as a sales reference
  • Sharing your social content
  • Participating in beta programs
  • Participating in events and speaking engagements
  • Providing product reviews and ratings

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Joan Babinski is vice-president of corporate marketing at Brainshark, a provider of sales enablement solutions.

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