Unless you've been off the grid for the past year, you're aware that Apple's highly anticipated Apple Watch went on sale recently.

Revealed last September after the infamous "one more thing" line, sleek beautiful images of the watch on seamless white backgrounds filled the interwebs.

"Apple’s got its mojo back. Is the Apple Watch a game changer?"

Who knows what consumers will ultimately embrace? But what makes this watch different from competing devices is the buzz Apple has already created. It's that familiar buzz surrounding all Apple product launches.

Now, the Apple Watch is something much larger than an operating system. Apple has not had a major product launch since the iPad in 2010, and its debut reminds us of what it means to connect with a brand at a personal level–to feel known and to be inspired.

What is Apple's marketing mojo? Let's take a look at three Eastern philosophical principles that Apple's messaging embraces.

1. I am a human being, not a human doing

That's a hard concept to embrace in an era of socialization where consumers are wired for connection. In a world of unending schedules and self-inflicted fatigue, we find the busyness of to-do lists and already-done lists defining our lives.

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Betsy Morrison is associate creative director at Scout Marketing, a full-service advertising agency specializing in consumer/B2B and healthcare.

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