Our attention spans are short. I mean, really short. How short? They're shorter than a goldfish's, which is nine seconds. We hardly can focus on something before becoming distracted.

Here are some alarming stats from the Center for Biotechnology Information:

• 25% of teens forget major details of their close friends and relatives.

• 7% of people forget their own birthdays from time to time.

• An office workers checks his/her email box 30X per hour.

• Typical mobile users check their phone at least 150X per day.

• 17% of website pageviews last fewer than 4 seconds.

So, basically, we forget who our friends are, when our own birthdays are, how to read more than 4 seconds worth of text... but we somehow remember to check our work email inbox all day long.

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Krissy DeAngelis is marketing manager for Waterfall, a mobile messaging and CRM platform that helps companies engage their customers on their phones.

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