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You keep trying to connect to your target audience, but nothing you do seems to be working. Sometimes, the problem may be with your presentation. Other times, there may be problems with your strategy.

Here are some common issues that brands experience when trying to connect with their target audience.

1. Emotions Evoked By Your Brand

There are a number of aspects associated with branding a product, but the most important reduce to emotions that your brand evokes. Whatever emotions your brand evokes will be transferred to other aspects of your company. Similarly, if your brand's spokesperson evokes certain emotions, those will be transferred to your brand.

One of the worst problems for any brand is not provoking any emotions. Those brands may get customers that are actively repelled by other brands, but those customers won't be loyal to it.

To establish brand loyalty, you need to establish a loyal customer base. You do this through emotional appeal.

People are more likely to make choices based on emotion than on logic. Emotional appeal can also be logical, but you need to make certain that your brand connects to the user's emotions. A part of this is defining your brand both in terms of what it stands for and what it opposes.

People will choose brands that support concepts, identities, or values that they do. Whether choosing a sports team, a cause, or a group they belong to, customers value their brands supporting at least some of the same things they do.

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Stephen Moyers is an online marketer and writer associated with SPINX Digital, a Los Angeles Web design company and digital marketing agency.

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