Consumers are making companies work harder than ever to keep their business. With access to the borderless world of e-commerce at their fingertips, empowered customers are no longer willing to accept unsatisfactory services or below-par products.

There are no second chances. Consumers simply move their money elsewhere, flitting from one business to another.

Those customers are proving a challenge to marketers. They know that they can attract customers with the myriad physical and digital marketing tools and techniques they have at hand. But retaining those customers, developing the relationship, understanding lifetime value, and driving customer engagement is even more of a challenge.

Increasing Your Customer Engagement

Customer engagement is more than a nice-to-have measurable objective. A recent report finds that it's a top priority for 81% of marketers. It has become a crucial metric in its own right, more meaningful than customer satisfaction survey responses or retention figures.

Moreover, customer engagement has become a critical temperature check for a business's current and future performance, as it identifies to what extent customers are willing and ready to invest time in a company.

Research by Gartner has found that "engaged customers are usually better advocates of the brand and are more loyal and more profitable."

In regards to customer engagement, Gartner recommends that businesses:

  • Increase active customer engagement through social, mobile, and traditional channel alignment
  • Build emotional customer engagement through transparency and trust
  • Target rational customer engagement through greater customer participation and knowledge availability
  • Gain ethical customer engagement through demonstrated commitment to fairness with employees, partners, customers, and community

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David Schwartz is vice-president of Sales for Digital Commerce Solutions, Pitney Bowes' personalized interactive video solutions.

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