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How can companies find out what consumers really think about their brand?

With new technologies and algorithms that automatically collect, index, and analyze customers' opinions about a brand and its products and services, sentiment analysis has never been easier.

Read on to learn more about one of the newest ways to better understand your customers—and find out how to put it to work for your brand.

The Rise of Social Media—and Sentiment Analysis

Social media and consumer review platforms have completely changed the way consumers communicate. Feedback—whether companies are listening—is available in seconds; customers' voices and opinions are available instantly and heard by other consumers in social media just as fast.

Brands may feel lost in the sheer amount of customer data out there, but a pot of gold is at the end of the rainbow for companies that invest in wading through this data.

Best-Practices for Harnessing Sentiment Data

The best approaches combine data from a diverse set of data resources and add customer sentiment data to the mix.

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image of Laura McGarrity

Laura McGarrity is vice-president of Digital at Mondo, a digital marketing and talent agency.

LinkedIn: Laura McGarrity