What exactly are we selling today?

The traditional marketing approach—you put an ad up, I get excited about your product, I go to a store and buy your product—is already on its last legs.

The arena of competition today is the customer experience—not just with apps but with phone support, sales, and even the process of filling out forms.

Moreover, we're going to continue to see an increased shift in focus from products to experiences. And we're going to see the traditional silos—advertising, loyalty, sales, support, and so on—break down as brands focus on crafting seamless customer experiences that drive purchases, retention, loyalty, and positive word-of-mouth, by rewarding customers every step of the way.

Here's why that change is accelerating and why it matters for your brand.

Experiences That Make or Break You

Today's customers have a wealth of choices about how, where, and when to engage with your brand. They have an equally broad range of options for spreading word-of-mouth—positive or negative. Just as small-town bakeries live in fear of negative Yelp reviews, corporate CEOs face angry stakeholders when social media campaigns attack their brands. That is the flipside of addressability at scale... You've got to build your reputation at scale, too.

But that building process doesn't have to be a struggle, and companies that get it right are rewarded with loyal, outspoken customers.

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image of Mark Grilli

Mark Grilli is vice-president of product marketing for Document Cloud at Adobe, where he is responsible for worldwide marketing strategy and implementation of Adobe Document Cloud and Acrobat DC. Prior to joining Adobe, he was a co-founder of an e-learning startup.

LinkedIn: Mark Grilli