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We've all heard that Big Data, content marketing, mobile, or social are "the future of marketing," but it's really the combination of all four that helps retailers make great experiences for customers.

Customer experience is the now and future king of marketing—the connection between a positive worker experience and customer experience. That company-customer relationship is made possible by many facets of marketing.

Moreover, when you empower employees with the tools, technologies, and processes to better serve customers, you champion a more successful experience for both employees and customers.

Personalization will put your company ahead of the pack

Customers associate companies with experiences, both good and bad. For example, if your Amazon Prime Now delivery driver shows up at the beginning of the delivery window, you're thrilled with Amazon as a retailer—not just the driver, not just the same-day delivery of the complete "I Love Lucy" collection on DVD.

Likewise, if a dinner for four that you order through GrubHub shows up ice-cold and GrubHub's customer service rep can't get hold of the restaurant to immediately send out piping-hot food, you don't just blame restaurant; you also blame GrubHub.

We live in a digital world where customers want things fast—five minutes ago fast. Customers want to be able to track deliveries up to the moment and get customer support from their phone, laptop, tablet, etc. And the reality is that modern businesses have the capabilities to deliver this kind of on-demand service. But does yours?

In addition to near instant gratification, there's another important piece of the greater customer experience businesses often miss… Customers want an experience that transcends the traditional company-customer relationship. A decent one-time transaction doesn't cut it; customers want a personalized experience every step of the way.

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Jiordan Castle is digital content manager at Updater, a company that helps clients organize and complete all their moving-related tasks in minutes.

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