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Gone are the days when customer support meant staffing a phone line between 9AM and 5PM. Today, people communicate by using social media, email, chat, phone, and SMS, and it is how they expect to communicate to businesses as well.

Companies that invest in these channels quickly see a new problem. What good is supporting Web chat if those conversations aren't creating higher customer satisfaction because they are slow to respond or providing lower-quality responses? Those companies quickly discover that with additional channels comes increased fragmentation.

The good news is that tools can be connected, data can be synced, and communication can be automated to ensure that customers have a great experience, no matter which channel they use to reach out to your brand. Technology can fix the problems that technology has introduced.

Here are ideas for maximizing your investment in multiple support channels. Your customers will thank you for it on their next satisfaction survey.

1. Automate Ubiquitous Sharing of Data

How frustrating to work with customer support on the phone and have to repeat yourself each time you talk to a more specific rep! Or to not get the answer you need via email and have to start all over when you call the support line.

Another example: you start a chat session with customer support about a laptop you ordered, and the rep you're speaking with immediately pulls up your customer record. He sees your repair and service history, so you don't have to find your serial number or receipt. The rep knows it based on your name and email address then quickly recommends a course of action tailored to your situation.

Those examples illustrate the same concept. Customers benefit when all members of the support team (from in-store reps to a support responsible for text chat) have a full view of the customer. A full view is crucial for providing the right service and reducing customer frustration.

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Nikhil Hasija is co-founder of Azuqua, an integration platform connecting the tools and data that drive revenue for enterprises.

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