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There's no shortage of available advice for small businesses looking for ways to remain competitive in a crowded space. Usually, that advice entails observing what larger organizations are doing to be successful and adapting those tactics to a small business's unique needs.

But why do we assume it's always the little guy (or gal) who needs to follow in the footsteps of a larger competitor?

Learning the strengths and weaknesses within your own market is a benefit to every business, regardless of size. Even enterprise-sized businesses have room for improvement.

Moreover, in an era where customer experience is king, it's the small businesses that have the most to teach the big guys—not the other way around.

So now it's the enterprise’s turn to learn and emulate. What do small businesses do better than large organizations do that helps them fight—and win—on the customer experience battlefield?

Here are three areas enterprise businesses need to focus on to remain competitive:

1. Agile Innovation

Enterprises are notorious for being slaves to processes and hierarchy. However, small businesses are inherently more agile because they don't have the same structures and organizational procedures slowing them down.

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Lorcan Malone is COO at Swiftpage, a company that fuels small-business growth by providing technology solutions that unlock the power of everyday interactions

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