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Ever wonder why your favorite restaurant chain has the same interior color, design and background music? Have you ever considered why elevator music exists? Why is it that every Body Shop store smells the same?

Marketing has an answer - and as a professional, you can use it to strengthen your company.

Marketing is largely a game of getting the customer to perceive your product or service in a certain way. Perception occurs when one of the five senses - vision, hearing, taste, smell and touch - is affected. In this way, marketers use color, sound, flavors, scents and surface to shape your perceptions. Customers (and site visitors) will react to these things; even if they are unaware they are doing so.

But with these perceptions in mind, marketers can better execute their strategy.

You can learn how to leverage the five senses to improve your marketing efforts. Here's how:


Color influences our moods and physical responses. But when thinking about color, you have to think in terms of two color hues (warm and cool), degrees of color saturation (what we call richness), and levels of depth (light or dark) as ways to influence customer perceptions.

Color psychologists have found that warm colors (red, orange, and yellow) generally encourage activity and excitement, whereas cool colors (green, blue, violet) are more soothing and relaxing. That's why so many soaps, lotions and body washes come in packages with cool colors; they're trying paint a calming picture of their product. That's also why kids toys and candies are often in the warm colors; they're trying to encourage perceptions of fun and energy.

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