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Thursday, November 04, 2021

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1. Micro-Conversions: What They Are and Why They Matter

2. SEO, Sleeping Outside, and Super Tuscan Wine: Wil Reynolds on Marketing Smarts

3. Engaging Executives in a Digital World sponsored webinar

4. Eight SEO Strategies to Consider for 2022

5. Win the Content Game With a New Toolbox MarketingProfs PRO webinar

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Micro-Conversions: What They Are and Why They Matter
Micro-Conversions: What They Are and Why They Matter
Not every conversion means making a sale—especially in B2B, where every customer goes on a long journey before deciding whether to buy. That journey is made up of micro-conversions. This article provides more information about identifying and tracking them. »
How to Gain Deep Insights Into Your Market and Your Competitors
Smart marketers and businesses know that to succeed, they need to know the market—to spot hidden opportunities for capturing market share and outsmarting the competition. Semrush .Trends makes that kind of market analysis possible with a single click. Try it now for free. »
SEO, Sleeping Outside, and Super Tuscan Wine: Wil Reynolds on Marketing Smarts
SEO, Sleeping Outside, and Super Tuscan Wine: Wil Reynolds on Marketing Smarts
The cutting edge of search may have moved beyond keywords and links to deciphering what Google has learned about the searcher. Wil Reynolds of Seer shares his insights on SEO, as well as philosophies on leadership and giving back to the community. Read more and listen in on this fascinating conversation. »
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Engaging Executives in a Digital World
Engaging executives is hard enough in person. In the digital world, without face-to-face meetings or events, it's even harder. Learn how to build customized experiences that attract and engage executive audiences in new and creative ways. »
Eight SEO Strategies to Consider for 2022
Eight SEO Strategies to Consider for 2022
How can you ensure your website ranks well in in 2022? This infographic looks at the importance of focusing on strategies such as high-quality content, mobile optimizations, on-page enhancements, and fast page speeds. Check out the infographic. »
Win the Content Game With a New Toolbox
MarketingProfs PRO webinar
If you want your content to be found, you can't just do what everyone else is doing. Join search expert and founder of Seer Interactive Wil Reynolds to learn how to build an innovative toolbox that will get your content seen. A PRO exclusive!
Win the content game
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The choices you make as a marketer will lead to your success only if they're based on good market intelligence. No business or marketer can make winning strategic or day-to-day decisions without deep insight into the market, its leaders, close competitors, relevant trends... In seconds, Semrush .Trends can reveal market and competitive insights for any website, industry, or market. With it, you can see your closest competitors' audience size and growth rate; a breakdown of channels that give traffic to your competitors' sites, and the share of each source; the makeup of your competitors' audiences and interests; the top pages of market leaders or your competitors so you can see their referral and organic traffic tactics. And so much more. Try out Semrush .Trends for FREE, with no obligations.
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MarketingProfs community goings-on
Are you proud of what you've achieved with ABM in your organization? Proud of a peer who has had great success with ABM programs? Nominations are now open for the 2021 ABM Leadership Awards! Nominate yourself or a peer by Friday, November 5, for the opportunity to be selected as a top ABM Leader in 2021.
Summer is over, but our summer series of "working webinars" is still available for PRO members on demand. Check out each hands-on resource: lead magnetslist-buildingwelcome campaigns, sales campaigns and pipelines, and nurture campaigns.
Our suite of B2B consulting and content services that we call MarketingProfs DNA (Defensible Net Advantage), is especially designed for marketers who have important work to do but don't have the time or team to ensure success. If you need help with Market ResearchBranding, Analytics, Positioning & Messaging, Customer Experience, and Demand Generation, see how MarketingProfs can help you.
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A series of three MarketingProfs e-books and guides can help with three of today's key marketing responsibilities: (1) Positioning (2) Customer Experience (CX) and (3) Demand Generation. Check out all three for tips and advice to improve Marketing's performance and contribution to your business's bottom line.
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