You can't avoid it. Everywhere you turn, everyone is talking about mobile—with the business world abuzz over mobile tools, technologies, and channels.

But even as B2Cs have been diving into mobile at a frenzied pace, B2Bs have been falling behind. Whether because they're skeptical, or they're waiting for others to move first or they're paying attention to other media, B2Bs are missing prime opportunities to reach and engage their business audiences by not integrating mobile into the marketing mix.

The Mobile Revolution & B2B (my recently released mobile-marketing guide) lays out the business case for how emerging mobile media can uniquely engage business audiences, not just consumers. And it outlines a set of recommendations for B2B marketers—chief among them, to elevate mobile to a priority in the marketing mix.

Based on that guide, the following six questions and answers provide B2B mobile insight, examples, and advice.

1. Why is mobile particularly prime for B2B companies and audiences?

The best way to answer this question is with a question. Ask yourself, When was the last time I saw a business executive without a mobile device?

The statistics are nothing short of mind-blowing: There are 5 billion mobile subscriptions worldwide, with 72% of the US workforce already mobile and 64% of decision-makers reading their email via mobile devices. Mobile phones aren't merely nice-to-have communications devices; they are must-have business tools to which today's business audiences are always attached.

Mobile is prime for business audiences because it comprises the one set of media most used by business professionals. Therefore, if B2Bs want to be where their audiences are, they should set their sights—and budgets—on mobile.

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