If you have a very specific offering that solves a very specific issue for enterprises—or for any size organization, for that matter—then you can probably consider yourself a "niche player."

Your strengths lie in your agility. While bigger organizations have to cut through corporate red tape to get to market, you can test new approaches and react to feedback quickly.

Because those larger competitors are usually better established with broader offerings, however, they usually have strong, strategic relationships in place with senior decision-makers.

Of course, I'm talking about the C-suite.

We all have dream clients—company logos we'd love to place on our homepage. The only way to get there, in most cases, is by engaging with senior decision-makers over time—starting right now.

As a niche player, you already have a specific problem you can solve. That in itself places you in a very strong position. So if you want to engage with the right senior people in your target organizations, here are three ways you can begin connecting with them.

1. Find one specific message to lead with

When most salespeople target the C-suite, they start their messaging with what they do, followed by the benefits and business case, and end by attempting to establish trust.

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image of Tom Whatley

Tom Whatley is digital marketing manager at marketing solution provider Seraph Science.

Twitter: @thetomwhatley

LinkedIn: Tom Whatley