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Thursday, March 3, 2022

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1. Third-Party Cookies in Chrome Will Soon Be Gone. Are You Ready to Act?

2. Building Communities and the Future of Event Marketing: Mia Masson on Marketing Smarts

3. Friday Forum: Marketing and Sales Enablement MarketingProfs event

4. Four Ways to Give Your Podcast a Creative Boost

5. Lookin' Preppy! MarketingProfs B2B Forum

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Third-Party Cookies in Chrome Will Soon Be Gone. Are You Ready to Act?
Third-Party Cookies in Chrome Will Soon Be Gone. Are You Ready to Act?
We all know that the death of third-party cookies is imminent. But have we considered how to plan for other data collection methods? And what methods have been proposed? This article breaks down what you need to know. »
How to Take ABM to the Next Level: Account-Based Experience (ABX) Certification
Account-Based Experience outperforms every other growth strategy for your B2B company—if you do it right. This ABX Certification course from Demandbase equips you to take advantage of the latest in go-to-market strategies. The best part? It's free (for a limited time). Get Certified Today. »
Building Communities and the Future of Event Marketing: Mia Masson on Marketing Smarts
Building Communities and the Future of Event Marketing: Mia Masson on Marketing Smarts
Mia Masson talks about the upheaval the event industry has experienced over the past two years, what the future of events looks like, and why building a community—even by accident—is a must for all marketers. Read more and listen in on this fascinating conversation. »
MarketingProfs event
Friday Forum: Marketing and Sales Enablement
Ongoing growth and success depend on enabling marketing and sales teams to align and work in tandem. Discover strategies from three experts on how Marketing and Sales can shift into overdrive together to accelerate revenue growth. »
Four Ways to Give Your Podcast a Creative Boost
Four Ways to Give Your Podcast a Creative Boost
This infographic looks at four approaches for improving your podcast: using interactive elements, featuring everyday people, allowing your passion to shine through, and getting out of your comfort zone. Check out the infographic. »
Lookin' Preppy!
MarketingProfs B2B Forum
Our recent State of B2B Marketing Training Report told us that 81% of B2B marketers don't feel prepared for their future in marketing. Youch! How to get better prepared this spring? Get some virtual face time with experts during our spring B2B Forum Online. A two-day pass is included with your PRO Membership. Don't have PRO? Sign up for the spring B2B Forum and you'll get a year of PRO on us (a $595 value).
Prepare Like a PRO
Profs Picks
As B2B marketers, we're constantly being asked to learn—and use—the latest and greatest strategies. That includes go-to-market. So how do we not only get up to speed but become experts at the latest B2B GTM strategies? We master account-based experience. (ABX), the next generation of ABM. Fortunately, Demandbase is providing online ABX Certification at no charge, but only for a limited time. As an ABX Certified Strategist, you'll know how to implement ABX, build an account data foundation, find accounts that drive business, engage with relevant interactions, and close opportunities with better alignment. And, in the process, future-proof your career. Click here to get your free certification.
Afoot in the Neighborhood
MarketingProfs community goings-on
Hark! A new MarketingProfs Master Class approaches... join Christopher S. Penn on March 9 for Google Analytics 4 for Marketers. He'll walk you through how to use GA4, from setup to data analysis. Register now!
Our latest Working Webinar series is B2B Content as CX, and the third lunch-hour session, Get Customers Through Your Digital Door, is on March 3. Don't miss host Jeannie Walters and her CX expertise in this hands-on event.
Our suite of B2B consulting and content services that we call MarketingProfs DNA (Defensible Net Advantage) is especially designed for marketers who have important work to do but don't have the time or team to ensure success. If you need help with Fractional CMOMarket ResearchBranding, Analytics, Positioning & Messaging, Customer Experience, or Demand Generation, see how MarketingProfs can help you.
How about helping out your friends and colleagues? Just let them know that they can sign up to this newsletter for great marketing advice, tips, and tactics. You can use your personal referral link at the bottom of this newsletter (see the big blue box), and check out what's in it for you!
Are you a MarketingProfs PRO member—but not a member of our PRO Facebook group? Don't wait... head over to Facebook and join hundreds of fellow PRO members to exchange ideas, network, and keep up to date on community goings on.
A series of three MarketingProfs e-books and guides can help with three of today's key marketing responsibilities: (1) Positioning (2) Customer Experience (CX) and (3) Demand Generation. Check out all three for tips and advice to improve Marketing's performance and contribution to your business's bottom line.
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