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Make smart bets on your B2B marketing.

Busy leaders of growing companies often hit an inflection point where their marketing efforts are no longer a match for their plans. They know they need marketing, but they don't know where to start. Or they have marketing, but it's just not delivering the ROI they expected. They need someone who can guide their team to better results, but they aren't ready to hire a full-time marketing leader. At this point, we often see what we call Panic Marketing. Leaders spend money on guesses based on articles read, webinars attended, or what the competition is doing. But effective marketing requires a focused, measurable strategy.

What if you had a partner who could deliver:

  • A measurable, go-to-market strategy that supports your business goals
  • An aligned sales and marketing effort that accelerates growth
  • Agile execution of the plan and adjustments, as needed

With MarketingProfs DNA | Fractional CMO services, you can.

Get Clear, Confident, and Cost-effective Marketing

MarketingProfs DNA (Defensible Net Advantage) Fractional CMO services are the first step for leaders looking to remove the burden of marketing from their daily activities so they can focus on what they do best.

Know Where to Put Your Money

We get to know your business and your goals. Only then do we put pen to paper and deliver a bespoke marketing plan that delivers the right balance of high-level, long-term strategy and short-term wins.

A Partner to Grow With You

Execution is equally important. Once the plan is approved, we stay with you to help guide your efforts and adjust plans as needed. And when you're ready, we can help you hire an incredible team.

See Your B2B Marketing Investment Return Revenue

We know that you're not interested in clicks and conversions. You want marketing to return real revenue. Our Fractional CMOs have returned anywhere from 3x to 10x ROI for every dollar spent, and we can help you set up that foundational reporting structure for now and the future.

MarketingProfs DNA | Fractional CMO Services

MarketingProfs Fractional CMO Services

Our Go-to-Marketing Framework™ serves as the marketing piece of your overall go-to-market strategy. Our Fractional CMOs have decades of experience delivering measurable results for technology, financial services, healthcare, manufacturing, and B2B business services companies, as well as startups.

  1. Understand—We get to know you. Your business. Your team. And, your goals.
  2. Uncover—We deep-dive into your current efforts to understand what's working and what's missing.
  3. Synthesize—Based on our discovery, we deliver a plan to move forward with real-world, executable tactics and business-focused measurement.
  4. Execute and Report—Regular check-ins with your team ensure the plan is progressing. Or if you don't have a team, we can do it for you.
  5. Hand off—We'll help you hire our replacement. You'll feel confident in your team's ability to continue your growth trajectory.
Jen Smith

About Your Consultant

Jen Smith is the chief marketing officer at MarketingProfs. For over 20 years she has built brands, teams, and end-to-end marketing programs at enterprise B2B organizations and high-growth small- and mid-sized companies. She has transformed marketing into a revenue-generating engine at financial services, technology, healthcare, manufacturing, and B2B services companies. She believes the only way marketers can be free to do the things they know are right, is if they first earn the trust of leaders by showing meaningful contribution to pipeline, revenue, and customer lifetime value.

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