When someone visits your website for the first time, she's not likely to buy from you on that first visit, regardless of how good your product or service is.

She's already visited other sites. The argument they presented didn't convince her. They offered her no benefits and didn't solve her problems.

All the sites she's seen are saying the same thing. All making similarly exaggerated claims. With the same unnatural tone—using business jargon—that's left her distrustful.

So where does that leave you?

Laying the Groundwork

Is what you're selling clearly defined? Is it relevant to her needs? And, most important, does she trust you?

You must lay the foundation for building trust. As we know, people like to feel they are buying, not being sold to. And they buy from people they like and trust.

Building rapport means linking your message to your prospective client's own experience. Show them you've had similar experience—that you're like them and you understand their situation.

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Terrence Blair is a freelance copywriter and consultant who publishes a free course: 14 Elements of Seductive Sales Page.

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