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Social Media Program Guide

Words spoken can’t be unsaid—nor can written words disappear from the Internet. A hastily written blog post here or a dashed-off tweet there can immediately taint the positive image that your company has carefully crafted. But a thoughtful post and immediate, friendly social media access to your company can form productive relationships—and reap profits.

“A Step-By-Step Guide to a Successful Social Media Program” is packed with everything you need to:

  • create best practices to garner buy-in, determine strategy
  • develop a corporate policy
  • educate your workforce
  • monitor your progress and results
  • prepare for any bumps along the way

Businesses of any size need to make social media policies that establish the boundaries (and benefits) of using social media. Check out “A Step-by-Step Guide to a Successful Social Media Program” for the necessary facts to overcome any executive objections to social media—and the blueprints for designing your social media team, policies and risk-management procedures.

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