What is marketing automation? What are the four methods of measuring Web site traffic?

Find out in the latest episode of Marketing Over Coffee, a weekly audio program sponsored by MarketingProfs that covers classic marketing tactics and what's new on the technology front.

Show length 23:33

0:35 Implementing marketing automation

2:58 Stop answering your phone, use SpinVox for forwarding voicemail

4:22 Google Reader shows subscriber stats

5:58 Rodgers and other ISPs hijacking your browser and tracking you

10:10 Economic downturn in an election year

11:15 Alex asks about Web site conversions

15:15 Web analytics—Google Analytics, Yahoo's MyBlogLog, CrazyEgg. Heatmaps, UI and the Golden Triangle

17:30 Accounting for RSS feed in your stats—Feedburner, partial vs. complete RSS feed. Analytics on the server is also crucial.

20:12 Going beyond analytics as a service, Feedburner, and server-side Analytics—writing your own tracking system so you can track sites that don't allow analytics.

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image of John Wall

John J. Wall speaks, writes, and practices at the intersection of marketing, sales, and technology. He's a partner and head of business development at analytics firm Trust Insights. He is the producer of Marketing Over Coffee, a weekly audio program that discusses marketing and technology with his co-host, Christopher S. Penn. He has held positions specializing in customer relationship management, marketing automation, and sales support systems both at venture-funded and privately held businesses, working with Microsoft, Oracle, Salesforce.com, and other clients.

Twitter: @johnjwall

image of Christopher S. Penn

Christopher S. Penn is a co-founder and the chief data scientist of TrustInsights.ai, a marketing and management consulting firm. He is a renowned keynote speaker and best-selling author who specializes in analytics, digital marketing, and machine-learning.

LinkedIn: Christopher Penn