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  • It's time for events to shine and deliver. Virtual and hybrid events became a default security blanket during the pandemic, but did you know they're a proven lead-gen channel? Go beyond the basics and learn how to in this new guide. Sponsored by Glisser.

  • It's time to level up your Connected TV audience strategy and make sure you're getting the most out of this powerful ad channel. Whether you're a digital pro who needs a rundown of what you can do with CTV, or you're coming from the world of linear TV and need a full audience-targeting tour, we've got you covered. Sponsored by MNTN.

  • Are you ready to be more resourceful, more agile, and more in control of your team's work? It's time to bring about true digital transformation, which means finding new ways to unblock your teams and steer them toward their best work. Enter: no-code marketing. Sponsored by Airtable.

  • Since the rise of social media, enhancing the digital customer experience has been the goal of many a marketing team—and countless data analysis. It's time to leverage your data in powerful new ways that let you broaden and deepen your audience relationships—and boost your ROI. Sponsored by Meltwater.

  • As we look ahead to 2022, questions about hybrid work remain. For instance, what's the best way to run a creative brainstorm or collaborate to solve a problem when some people are in the office and some are remote? You'll find answers in this guide. Sponsored by Canto.

  • Have you jumped on the bandwagon of utilizing buyer intent data to inform your marketing strategies? If so, it's time to make sure you're accessing and activating the best, most relevant data that you can. First-, second-, and third-party sources can all be used to boost your strategies, but it's important to know how and when. Sponsored by TrustRadius.

  • As a modern marketer, you and your organization have access to countless martech tools and systems. But, common challenges including murky sources of truth, manual tasks, and duplicate data show we're not using our tech stacks as effectively as we could be. Are you ready for the insights that will set you up for martech optimization? Sponsored by Airtable.

  • If your marketing team is like most, it's had to constantly adapt its events over the past two years. But, what initially seemed like an inconvenience has created new opportunities to innovate and scale. It's time to reinvent your event marketing strategy to leverage digitization and support each stage of the customer lifecycle. Sponsored by Cvent.

  • In spite of its great content, is your website falling short? It's time to make sure your site is addressing customers' top concerns, providing an immersive experience, and otherwise performing (and ranking) at the top of its game. This starts with creating a great UX for your customers and search engines like Google. Sponsored by Whereoware.

  • If your demand-gen model hasn't yet shifted from sales-based to customer-centric, now is the time. This guide will show you how to overcome the top challenges of each channel, connect with your customers in new ways that engage and convert, and boost your bottom line. Sponsored by Act-On Software.

  • Zoom fatigue is a very real phenomenon (which you've probably seen this firsthand!). And it's not going anywhere anytime soon. So, now is the time for marketing and communications teams to ensure that their external messaging is working—and not contributing to customers' or prospects' sense of online dread. Sponsored by Glisser.

  • If your team is like most, it has been feeling the pains of subpar distributed-work experiences. And, with distributed work here to stay, it's time to take a look at your operational model and make the necessary shifts to ensure your team members are able to connect, collaborate, and stay visible in the ways they want and need. Sponsored by Airtable.

  • In the US, digital advertising is projected to reach $150B+ in 2024. And, right now, the ad-supported Internet ecosystem is at an inflection point. Are you ready for what's next, and are you well prepared to win and keep the attention of new customers and prospects? Sponsored by PwC Media Intelligence.

  • Every marketer today knows that content has to be produced faster—and at a higher quality—than in eras past. But what's the best way to coordinate, create, and measure your efforts in a way that makes the most impact? It's time to invest in content operations. Sponsored by Airtable.

  • Are you actively tracking brand awareness, perception, and loyalty—and keeping tabs on your competition and industry as a whole? If not, you're missing out on key insights that could significantly boost your company's revenue. It's time to give your tracking capabilities a tune-up. Sponsored by Momentive.

  • Lead nurturing and conversion are critical components of your success as a B2B marketer. And if your campaigns aren't generating the results you need and want, it's time to level up. Get ready to revamp your lead nurturing programs for maximum impact. Sponsored by Act-On Software.

  • We have always lived in a changing world and, particularly for marketers, the past can teach us how to deal with the present and plan for the future. It starts with making sense of recent challenges and prioritizing key elements related to the digital transformation. Sponsored by Sitecore.

  • Webinars are more popular than ever, which means more competition for your brand, and more choices for your desired audience. So, now is the time to reimagine your webinars for maximum results in driving awareness, delivering thought leadership, nurturing leads, showcasing products, and creating loyal customers. Sponsored by Cvent.

  • If there's one constant about event marketing, it's the need to constantly be adapting. Especially now. So what's the best way to plan and execute can't-miss business events that are sure to meet your goals and wow your audiences? It starts with a plan that makes sure you get the right people in the door, and KPIs that actually matter. Sponsored by Splash.

  • More and more consumers are adopting new technologies to help them "box out" the excess noise in their inboxes. It's time to elevate your email reputation and increase deliverability performance. It starts with several key tactics for success. Sponsored by Campaigner.