Now, what do you want to do?

Know What Marketing is About Overview of Marketing Analysis
Segment My Market

First Read: What Do Customers Really Buy?

How Customers Make Tradeoffs and Why They're Important

Then read: How to Segment Markets

Customer Segment Descriptors: Hone Your Strategy and Target Your Tactics

Understand Customers' Perceptions of the Market

Snakeplots: A Tool For Understanding Customer Perceptions

What Customer Biases Should I Know About?

Better Understand Competition and My Company

How to Predict Competitive Reactions

Does Every Company Have Competition?

Is Competition a Good Thing for Your Company?

Why You Need to Understand Barriers to Entry

Testing Robustness: Is Your Foolproof Marketing Plan Really Foolproof?

The Dangers of Synergy for Synergy's Sake

Learn About Targeting Coverage Patterns: Deciding Which and How Many Customer Segments to Target

Choosing Customer Segments to Target
Position My Product/Business

Positioning Statement: The Foundation for the Entire Marketing Effort

What Do I Stand For?: Deterimining a Brand Platform

Think More Broadly About What I Sell

How to Get Your New Technology Quickly Adopted

Do You Really Understand What You Are Selling?

Getting New Product Ideas from Your Customers

How Do You Increase Value?

How to Sell Using "Hope"

Know More About Branding

Branding Basics

What are Brand Extensions?

Getting People to Like Your Brand

How to Create a New Brand Name

Brand Metrics

How to Manage a Brand Portfolio

Know More About Advertising and Promotion

The Important Difference Between Advertising and Promotion

The Hierarchy of Communication Effects: A Guide for Making Your Ads Work

Does Advertising Lead to Higher Sales?

Does Advertising Eve Work?

Setting the Wrong Product Expectations in Advertising can Lead to Disaster!

Rumor Has It That Word-of-Mouth Can Be Dangerous

How to Conduct a Brainstorming Session

Know More About Email and Web Marketing

ROI for Newsletters - The Real Story

How to Take the Junk out of Junk Mail

The Psychology of Conversion

I Heard It Through the Grapevine: How to Create Word of Mouth Marketing

Know More About Public Relations

How to Target Your Public Relations Toward the Press

Is Bad Press a Good Thing for a Brand?

How to Pitch an Idea

Attract Attention and Make My Communications Memorable

Attention Basics: Getting Your Web Site to Stand Out

What Attracts and Sustains Attention

Attracting Attention: Making Your Web Site Easy to Process

How to Make a Web Site Memorable

Dimensions of Color: When Seeing Red Isn't a Bad Thing

Increase Sales with Color, Sound, Taste, Smell and Touch

Laughing All the Way to the Bank?

Get Better at Providing Customer Service

The Usually Forgotten Basics of Good Service

The Many Dimensions of Service Quality

How to Perfect Your Service

Price My Product or Service

Five Things to Think About When Pricing Your Product

Profitable Strategies For Presenting Products with Multiple Options

The EVC Method: How to Price a Product from the Customer's Perspective

Relationship Marketing

How to Make Your Customers Become Dependent on You

How Do I Love Thee? Building a B2B Relationship To Last a Lifetime

A Match Made in Heaven: Make Your Business Relationships Last

Know More About Channels of Distribution


How to Design Targeted Distribution Channels

Making the Most of Your Distribution Channel

Gaining a Better Understanding of Internet Distribution Channels

Know More About Marketing Research

Uncovering Customers' Real Motivations

How to Determine the Size of Your Market - Part 1

How to Determine the Size of Your Market - Part 2

What is Your Customer Really Worth? - A Calculator

What is Your Newsletter ROI? - A Calculator

Why Great Taste Beats Less Filling - The Laddering Technique

The Basics of Questionnaire Design

Techniques for Identifying What Customers Want

How to Generate Effective New Product Ideas

Conjoint Analysis: A Simple Way to Discover How Customers Make Product Choices

Focus Groups, Schmocus Groups?

"Usability" for Better Customer Relationships

Data and Analysis Make Your Data More Valuable

The Crystal Ball: Understanding the Future of Your Market

Hitchhiker's Guide to Forecasting


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