As marketers, we love trends. Taking advantage of industry trends is how marketers make a living. We analyze and criticize, and we often enjoy our banter, whether it's about the latest social channels or annoying buzzwords.

But how often do we assess negative trends in our industry? And do we truly dig down to find the underlying reasons for those trends?

Today, let's take a look at the common challenge of breaking through content noise and how that noise has led to two other challenges: our increasing reliance on paid advertising, and channel over-saturation. I've wrapped up each section with tips on how to combat these negative trends.

1. Content Noise Has Become Maddening

Take a moment to think about all of the ways that you can be contacted.

You can receive a call, SMS text, email, blog comment, Facebook post on your timeline, Facebook Messenger message, tweet, direct tweet, LinkedIn introductions and InMail, mobile app push notifications, Fitbit notification, Xbox Live voice message, Snapchat photo with a goofy filter...

The possibilities to earn your attention—and that of your customers—are seemingly endless. And they're still expanding.

As channels come and go, they create unique communities and thus varying best-practices for reaching them with content. But marketers tend to approach all these various audiences in the same way: They broadcast the same marketing message or "brand appropriate" dross across each channel.

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Jacob Warwick is a content strategist for ThinkWarwick. Learn more about him on his website.

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