We all know a good tradeshow display when we see one. It's usually the booth with a lot of visitors, generating leads left and right.

Your company's success at a tradeshow depends on more than just the quality of the booth design, of course, but rising industry competition and attendees' steadily declining attention spans have made design more important than ever.

If your business hopes to make a significant first impression, the design of your tradeshow booth must be cohesive, appealing, and exceptional. The companies that are truly pushing the boundaries of exhibit design are developing huge amounts of awareness, and therefore leads, during each event.

It's easy to get lost in a sea of exhibitors, so consider the following eight tips when designing your next tradeshow display.

1. Make it interactive

Attendees spend most of their time at tradeshows observing and learning, so giving your visitors the chance to interact at your booth can be a great way to spark engagement. People love getting their hands on tradeshow technology, playing games, and winning prizes.

Tradeshow booths that are interactive are more likely to generate leads and create buzz surrounding your brand. Creating a place for visitors to spend time in your booth gives your staff more time to approach them on a personal level. Try incorporating touchscreen technology, hosting giveaways, or featuring product demonstrations to increase participation at your booth.

2. Use cohesive branding

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image of Mike Weimar

Mike Weimar is the president of Iconic Displays, a provider of portable tradeshow displays, booths, and exhibits. He has over 25 years' experience in high-technology marketing and product development.

LinkedIn: Mike Weimar