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No marketer is going to be surprised by the power of video. Video brings personality, authenticity, warmth, layered information, and immediacy that text and still images can't match. No wonder 72% of enterprises use video for marketing, according to Kaltura's The State of Video in the Enterprise 2016 survey (email required).

But just because we marketers know we need video doesn't mean that we're using it to its full potential

Are you taking advantage of the power of video at every stage of the marketing funnel? If not, you're leaving conversions on the table.

Before You Get Started

You can, and should, incorporate video as a full-fledged data type and channel within your marketing flow—at every stage of the marketing funnel. Integrate video into your marketing automation system so you can track your video analytics and get proper insight from your video marketing. Score leads based on their interaction with your videos, measure how long they are watching and how they are engaging with the content, and provide this valuable data to the sales team.

Video in the Awareness Stage

At the top of the marketing funnel, you're trying to generate some awareness of your company in the market. You're trying to let people know not only that your company exists but also that there's a problem your product or service helps solve.

Advertising and viral videos tend to get the bulk of the attention at this stage, but don't let that limit you. Also key is to maximize video views and exposure, so go broad: Create how-to videos centered on your products, run webinars addressing topics of general interest, create videos that show off your company culture.

  • Add video to your blog. It's fun and engaging. Just make sure your video player branding fits your overall branding, and includes enough metadata for search engines to be able to pick up the content.
  • Authenticity sells like nothing else, so consider giving your employees video-creation tools they can use to showcase, in their own unique way, both your company and its products. You'd be surprised how much great content can come from the most unexpected departments and groups in your company.
  • Create a channel where you can display user-generated content (moderated, of course) for your fans and supporters.

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image of Lisa Bennett

Lisa Bennett is vice-president of marketing at Kaltura, which powers video experiences for organizations across the globe, including media companies, telcos, enterprises, and educational institutions.

LinkedIn: Lisa Bennett