Most content marketers strive to create content that not only speaks directly to their target audience but also compels that audience to take desirable actions with the marketer's business or brand.

That sounds terrific in theory, but producing such content is easier said than done; there simply isn't a template or solution that works for every business.

To create high-performing content that drives business goals, content marketers must create content highly tailored to their specific industry or niche—no matter how oversaturated or "boring" that industry may seem—and also personalized for their specific audience.

Concentrating more on your audience's needs, segmenting your community, and using content experimentation can help you to plan for the crafting of more personalized content that's best suited to meet your marketing goals—as well as inspire your customers to take actions you'd like them to take.

1. Invest in learning about your customers

Organizations that are committed to investing in their customers are up to 60% more profitable than "non-customer-centric" companies, and 67% of senior marketing executives use customer customer insight- and emotion-based data to develop the right content.

Agencies and research firms can help you get to know your audience, but they typically cannot replace the hands-on insight that you can collect internally by analyzing your own data sources and by engaging with your customers directly and organically.

To learn more about your current customers, start by consulting your Web analytics software (Google Analytics, Adobe Analytics, etc.) to get a better understanding of your online visitors.

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