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How to Become a Guest-Post Contributor to Industry Websites and Blogs: A Comprehensive Guide

by Rachel Chapdelaine  |  
March 20, 2017

Why would you want to guest-post? The answer should really start with a rhetorical "why wouldn't you?"

But the reality is that we often come up with excuses for why we shouldn't share our expertise with others in our industry or outside of it.

The fear of revealing too much or giving valuable knowledge away for free has prevented many a marketer or businessperson from achieving career goals and receiving a myriad of other benefits, such as...

  • Branding yourself and your company as industry thought leaders and subject-matter experts
  • Increasing audience reach, including other types of audiences
  • Making new connections and building relationships with influencers and publishers
  • Driving traffic—and leads—to your website
  • Increasing brand awareness and credibility (when your entire team guest posts)

So, how do you start?

There's not just one way to begin guest-posting, but the steps outlined in this guide will walk you through a few approaches, plus some best-practices and suggestions.

1. Identify your area of expertise

You must first identify the topics you are capable of writing about and which you want to specialize in, before you begin your search for websites that are an appropriate fit—i.e., they cover similar topics and they reach the audience you want to reach.

So, ask yourself:

  • What subjects do I know the most about?
  • How many topics should I explore?
  • How much experience do I have in these topics?
  • What would set me apart from other bloggers?

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Rachel Chapdelaine is a marketing communications specialist at Marketing Mojo, a digital demand generation services provider.

Twitter: @Rchapdel

LinkedIn: Rachel Chapdelaine

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  • by Ford Kanzler Mon Mar 20, 2017 via web

    Excellent story! Especially valuable is the advice about considering the audience and working cooperatively with and accommodating blogger's/editor's contribution requirements. Honoring those, especially deadlines, is essential to success and being welcomed back.
    'Suggest the whole strategy of developing and contributing informative content for media publication, AKA publicity, holds far more persuasive value than self-publishing material on a company's web site, corporate blog or as yet another white paper. Long-standing blogs and digital and/or print media outlets addressing target audiences have far more credibility and readership than your company's site ever will. The minor degree of lost control over content is more than made up for by the benefits mentioned above.
    Consistent submission of contributed content will drive SEO, lead generation and brand recognition/preference, particularly in situations where your competitors are not executing this strategy or doing it randomly and poorly. Also, having a team of authors developing a healthy barrage of content will bring results faster than one person attempting it.
    Strongly agree with planning contribution topics the organization is prepared to develop content about. "Write about what you know," is always the best idea. Demonstrating and sharing expertise, in nearly any sector, is powerful promotion. It doesn't have to be about your brand's products or services. "How to" and/or "why to use or be successful with what the company provides," is usually a sound basis for content development topics.

  • by Dr. Venkatesh Raman Tue Apr 4, 2017 via web

    Very insightful! The primary goal of guest blogging is to build one's own personal brand over time. It's an incredible opportunity available today for Writers!

  • by Ford Kanzler Tue Apr 4, 2017 via web

    Guest publication of contributed viewpoint, how-to, or why-to articles isn't only about personal branding of the author. It greatly enhances the awareness and credibility of the brand the author is representing. It can work for individuals or companies/organizations as long as they remain informationally relevant to their audiences. Discussing fresh or controversial topics is an effective way of capturing attention. This requires a degree of foresight, courage and freedom on the part of the author. Re-hashing old topics is generally a waste of time.

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