Neuroscience helps us marketers understand customers' behavior by giving us deep insight into what works and what doesn't in persuading our customers to buy a product or service.

Neuromarketing, the use of neuroscience principles for marketing, can help to boost your efforts to achieve massive benefits for your brand or organization.

The following five neuromarketing principles, when put into practice, will boost your marketing and advertising campaigns.

1. Familiarity, User Experience, and Content

It's frequently said that familiarity breeds contempt; however, in user experience, it could be said familiarity breeds trust. The more familiar we are with a user experience, the more our cognitive processes recognize and respond positively to it.

In marketing, therefore, organizations put in a great deal of money, time, and effort into producing the best possible experience for users.

Organizations in this digital age often tend to prioritize Big Data and rational thought over creativity and emotion; however, those who truly understand consumer behavior recognize that consumers' emotions play an outsized role in driving their decision to buy—and that, eventually, emotion is what drives brand trust.

"Most neuroscientists would agree that well over 90% of our behavior is generated outside of consciousness. We are more slaves to our biology than we realize. Our rational minds represent a very small layer floating atop a vast well of unconscious drivers. Business leaders who understand biological programming and can leverage it possess an enormous advantage," explains neuroscience business expert Janet Crawford in an interview.

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Laurynas Skupas is a co-founder and the CEO of coupons website ChameleonJohn.