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Five Ways to Make the Most of Video for Marketing

by Jim Rudden  |  
April 25, 2017

Let's face it, making a viral brand video is a marketer's Holy Grail. From the classic sneezing baby panda to the more recent human Gumby dog toy, viral videos pop up out of nowhere and swiftly take the Web by storm, amassing millions of views, shares, and press hits along the way.

With that much social love up for grabs, it's not just YouTube power users and the staff at Buzzfeed who should take note. Marketing leaders must, too.

From the tiniest startups in Silicon Valley (or in my case, Silicon Hills) to the largest global organizations—both consumer and B2B—marketers are pouring more resources into video. Why? Well, besides Internet fame and the personal satisfaction of being able to say "I did that" at your next company happy hour, 77% of consumers have been convinced to purchase something based on a video they've seen, research finds.

Now imagine the millions of views and engagements that viral videos command, and suddenly we're talking real ROI.

Of course, wanting to launch a viral video and actually doing it are two completely different things. There's never a guarantee that your video will be a hit; and, as more businesses create videos, the competition for attention will only increase.

If your company really wants a shot at joining the ranks of video hall-of-famers, here are five steps I recommend.

1. Tell a story worth sharing

If you're going to spend the time and money to create a beautiful, high production video (and you should), you want to make sure the result is shareable. Consumers love to share videos: Social video generates a whopping 1,200% more shares than text and images combined.

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Jim Rudden is chief marketing officer of a social software company Spredfast, where he is responsible for worldwide brand, product, and revenue marketing.

LinkedIn: Jim Rudden

Twitter: @jimrudden

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  • by Tim Hansen Tue Apr 25, 2017 via web

    One thing a lot of advertising and promotional videos don't do is get the 'mandatory marketing message' across.

    They usually go like this:
    Creative concept - cool. Creative execution - yep. Funky music - great! Communicating the "mandatory message" to our audience in a simple engaging manner which is easy to understand and remember - ummmmm no.

    The single most important aspect of any video you produce is the message. Too often I see a great creative spot with super production value. And then the marketing message rammed in at the end in the last three seconds and is forgotten.
    We may remember the story, but what it was actually advertising is often lost in translation.

    Ask yourself what is the message you are promoting? Is it clear to someone who has no idea what your product or service is? Try to appeal to the lowest common denominator.
    By all means be creative, but always, always stay on brand.

  • by Rashed Thu Jul 27, 2017 via web

    As a video producer myself I can say that the advice given in this article is really valuable and every company looking to produce a video should really focus on telling a great story and giving it that human touch which is so often missing in marketing videos.

  • by VideoAnimationInc. Fri Mar 23, 2018 via web

    Thanks for sharing your knowledge. Although there is no guarantee to the viral video but the least you can do is to try your best. It is true that approximately 69% of the people prefer watching a video rather than reading an article. That's why if you have an eye-catching video for your business and you have market it properly then there is high probability of getting a high visitor rate.

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