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Long-form content is effective... but producing it is time-consuming. And our most precious resource as marketers is time. We have only a fixed amount each day.

So, what does a busy content marketer who wants to create amazing content do? Repurpose high-performing long-form content into additional content.

Why Repurpose Your Content?

Repurposing content doesn't mean rehashing the same information. It uses one long-form piece of content as raw material for other highly valuable content.

Here is why you should be doing it:

  • There are four learning styles, so writing only blog posts means you are not connecting with the three other (non-text) types of learners.
  • Different content performs better on different platforms. The article you wrote for LinkedIn is not likely to do as well on Facebook, but a live video might be perfect.
  • You invested a lot of time. Repurposing allows you to squeeze every ounce of usefulness out of your hard work.
  • Expand the reach of your content. Tweeting about the same article nine times isn't going to get you very far. Tweeting about nine different pieces of content, however, allows you to reach far more people.
  • Rank better for keywords in your industry. The more content you produce about a topic that is important in your industry, the more likely you are to be seen as an influencer, which leads to more links and better ranking.

How to Choose Content to Repurpose

The best piece of content to repurpose is evergreen (it has long-term relevance) and long-form—more than 2,000 words. Cornerstone content, whitepapers, and e-books are great places to look for content to repurpose.

To start, here are a few questions to ask about your content:

  • Is there more to be said about this topic?
  • Is this content already popular with your audience?
  • Will this content make sense in six months? One year?

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Joe Griffin is the CEO and a co-founder of ClearVoice, a content marketing technology company for high-quality blogs and other content destinations.

Twitter: @joegriffin

LinkedIn: Joe Griffin