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It's time to talk about your website relaunch—and the crucial misstep too many marketers make.

Marketing teams feel the pressure every year to deliver a better website than the year before—from UX best-practices, to appealing design, to customer-centric content that converts.

Too often, though, marketing leaders develop an entire plan for a website and get started on development without considering arguably the most crucial part of the digital customer journey: the search experience. And even if the search experience does find its way into the conversation, it's more of an afterthought and less of a results-driven conversation.

To ensure they're offering the best possible customer experience, marketers (and the organization as a whole) need to have the search conversation early in the website relaunch process. Not doing so is based on outdated beliefs about site search—that it's a commodity. It's something that comes out of the box with the CMS, after all. Why invest in anything more?

Because it matters to your customers.

If your organization is like most businesses today, you may well have a relevance problem. And even if you are extremely relevant to your audience, perhaps there's more you can be doing to let customers know. After all, they are overwhelmed with messages, as many as 3,500 per day. What they need is relevance: the right information at the right time.

And when they go to your search box, they are telling you what is relevant to them and how you can meet their needs—but you have to be aware.

Customers are up to 60% through their research before engaging with a salesperson, and 84% of B2B buyers admit that this research is done on the given business's website.

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image of Mark Floisand

Mark Floisand is the CMO of Coveo, provider of intelligent and predictive search technologies. He has 20+ years of marketing, sales, and general management experience in the technology industry.

LinkedIn: Mark Floisand

Twitter: @floisand