For more than 50% of CMOs and marketing directors, space and location on the exhibit floor are most important in maximizing ROI.

And that makes perfect sense.

With an accessible location and a major source of foot traffic nearby, a booth is likely to attract a lot of attendees. The higher the number of visitors, the greater opportunities for a business to raise awareness, get leads, and build relationships.

The location selection process, however, can be complicated, with various factors at play—from budget, to space requirements, to traffic flow and more. So here, in this handy guide, are all the important factors you need to take into consideration.

Quick Tip: Reserve Your Spot Early

Discounts immediately come to mind when talking about early-bird bookings. But the perks go beyond the lower costs: You gain more time for planning your marketing campaign, and more leeway in choosing your space.

Reserving your space well ahead of the show dates also puts you in a good position vis-à-vis the management and the organizers: You show that you're no tire-kicker and you're serious about exhibiting, compelling them to work more closely with you.

You can therefore ask for information crucial to your exhibit's success, such as...

  • The previous year's floor plan (more on this later)
  • The location of major competitors and industry players
  • The location of the biggest show sponsors
  • And more...

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Mark Kao is the department manager of COSRental, an event and conference equipment hire company. He is passionate about all things #eventtech and #digitalmarketing.

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