Snapchat users watch nearly 10 billion videos per day, and that's just one social platform. Today, videos are part of our everyday routine, whether consumers are watching news updates on their favorite local website or staying up-to-date with their friends via Instagram stories.

It's the ease of use and entertainment from social platforms, combined with quick access to recording technology on smartphones, that encourages this fun and social video activity.

Yet, when it's time for video in a more structured environment, say for work, the free-spirited creativity of social videos goes right out the window. Suddenly, videos are intimidating, simply because we're afraid of how we'll look on camera or what others will think. Also, our heads can also play tricks on us. For example, we sound different on video than when we're speaking, and that messes with our sense of ourselves—our self-identity and self-esteem.

Instead of letting our own minds stunt creativity, however, focus instead on improving the outcome by using the following three approaches.

1. Start small with a low-risk video

When creating your first video, start with a low-risk video—in other words, one that's not going on the homepage of your website. Low-risk videos can range from an educational piece for a blog to an internal documentation supplement or a sales introduction.

Starting off small with this type of video helps build experience and confidence so that when it comes time to create bigger—and more valuable—pieces, it's less stressful.

To reduce the risk of complicating the videos, it's best to tackle a very specific, yet manageable topic. Here is a short list of questions to help you narrow down the topic:

  • What is a question you answer every day?
  • What is a common point of confusion about your business?
  • What is a point of friction for customers or users?
  • Is there an internal process that could be explained better?

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image of Phil Nottingham

Phil Nottingham is marketing and product strategist at video platform Wistia.

LinkedIn: Phil Nottingham

Twitter: @philnottingham