Many marketers are familiar with SlideShare, the popular presentation platform with over 80 million users. SlideShare allows users to upload videos, documents, infographics, and presentations in various formats; e-books are particularly effective in this channel.

Using SlideShare for content marketing can increase brand awareness and drive traffic to your website. But how can marketers rely on SlideShare for lead-gen?

Integrate Lead Forms With a Marketing Automation Platform

SlideShare offers built-in lead forms as a paid feature, and users can integrate these forms directly with a marketing automation platform, such as Marketo. This feature is available to business accounts, allowing users to choose the "Collect Leads" option for each SlideShare they upload. (SlideShare has a great guide on paid options.)

Depending on your audience and offering, paying for leads on SlideShare might be worth it. However, in my experience, the lead quality can be highly variable, and I've found the paid options to be more expensive and less useful than other channels.

So, how can you use SlideShare for lead-gen while maintaining your budget and your lead quality standards?

Read on for real-world examples.

Pair an E-Book With Gated Complementary Content

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