Not that long ago, the greatest marketing email ever written popped into my inbox from BARK, a New York-based company. Its BarkBox and BarkShop brands sell dog toys and treats to the dog-obsessed.

The subject line read, "Chew your vitamins, pup."

And the copy read, in part, "We all have needs. That's why we have just the right supplement treats."

None of that was particularly funny. But the funny part came in the "customer profiles" the email highlighted. Each describes a creature matched with hilariously human qualities, and BarkBox then matches those profile qualities with a dietary supplement it sells.

There's neurotic Maris, who seriously needs to chill. Can you feel the alarm in those anxious little button eyes?

BarkBox says she might benefit from treats that contain 9mg of a supplement called Colostrum Calming Complex.

Meet Paula: Organized, efficient, more prepared than a Boy Scout.

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