For a long time, B2C marketers have dominated video advertising. But the evolving landscape of video advertising has opened up opportunities for B2B marketers, too, driven in large part by a changing demographic of B2B buyers and their video-consumption behaviors. According to a recent Google study, 70% of B2B buyers watch videos along their path to purchase—a whopping 52% jump in just two years.

Are you still on the fence about whether to take advantage of video in your marketing program? Consider these five reasons to take the plunge.

1. Video works for long sales cycles

B2B marketers love to point to their longer sales cycles as one of the key differentiators versus B2C marketers. The question is this: Does video have a role to play when the purchase isn't instantaneous? The answer is yes, though it requires a thoughtful, full-funnel approach.

The key to video strategy for B2B marketers is to mix brand (top of funnel) videos with direct response, or DR, (bottom of funnel) videos. That requires two different types of creatives: one designed to raise awareness and the other designed to drive purchase. Working together, these different videos can accompany the buyer through a longer purchase journey, initially sparking interest for brand retention and later offering the consumer more relevant, sales-converting information.

So instead of hedging your bets on a single video asset during your campaigns next year, opt for a three month—or longer—flight that strategically mixes brand and DR video.

2. The No. 1 B2B social network is (finally) paving the way for video advertising

Until recently, LinkedIn has been a thorn in B2B digital marketers' sides, with a notoriously slow adoption to video, especially compared with its video-first cousins (and B2C advertising hubs) Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. That's changing: Last year, LinkedIn launched a native video uploading feature, letting users upload videos directly to the site via LinkedIn's app. Soon to follow (so we hear as of this writing) will be company videos and, thereafter, in-stream video advertising. B2B marketers should be ready to react when LinkedIn joins the 21st century of digital advertising.

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image of Meryl Draper

Meryl Draper is a co-founder and the CEO of Quirk Creative, a video advertising agency. Among its clients are Western Union, Kimpton Hotels, and WordPress.

LinkedIn: Meryl Draper

Twitter: @MerylDraper