Whether you are in charge of the SEO internally for a company or for external clients, you need to demonstrate ongoing improvements to the program and, possibly, the return on investment (ROI).

But how do you prove that your efforts are paying off?

By compiling SEO weekly reports!

Each report will be unique to the specific client or company, and creating a report will depend on certain variables:

  • Targets
  • Objectives
  • Reporting tools used to get data

But there are some consistencies across reports. Here, we will help you create impressive weekly SEO reports quickly and easily.

Create the foundation of your SEO report

The foundation of any report will be the standard format you use for all of your clients, and it is important to define that before you begin weekly reporting. The foundation will vary depending on your preferences (spreadsheet, document, etc.). Regardless of your choice, however, you should create a template that is branded and has key headings.

Building a template will...

  • Keep your reporting consistent
  • Allow you to report on the same metrics throughout your weekly SEO reporting
  • Demonstrate progress and impact

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Courtney McGhee is lead marketer at WooRank, an instant SEO checker and SEO audit tool.

LinkedIn: Courtney McGhee

Twitter: @CourtCH28