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Are You a Marketing Standout or Strikeout? Nine Tips to Help You Stand Out

by Erica Seidel, Anand Thaker  |  
August 20, 2018

Looking for your next marketing career adventure? Or looking to hire the best marketer?

We interviewed thousands of modern B2B marketers. From their responses, we observed some behaviors that separate the standouts—those who receive multiple job offers—from the strikeouts—those who linger in job transition limbo.

The results may surprise you.

How many of the following nine standout traits do you have? How many of the strikeout sins are you committing?

1. Storytelling vs. Putting People to Sleep

Standouts describe what they do and what value they deliver succinctly, using metaphors, narratives, and vivid language. An example: David Karp could simply say he's a B2B marketing consultant. But he doesn't. Instead, he says he's "a marketing plumber, helping to clean up dirty import files, refurbish rusty Salesforce setups, seal your leaks, run CRM crime scene investigations, and keep leads flowing smoothly." Then he produces a miniature toilet plunger, slapping it onto his business card with a flourish. Standout? Check.

Too many marketers strike out by introducing themselves with a long-form recitation of their career story rather than getting to the "what's in it for the listener" stage.

When you explain your value so people "just get it," they imagine you in action and see how to connect you to others who need you. Your narrative could be about your career path, or it could be about a product or service you have marketed. For example, where might have you delivered a story or narrative that created a movement, accelerated sales, or opened up new pipeline opportunities?

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Erica Seidel runs The Connective Good, a boutique executive search practice with a focus on marketing, marketing analytics, and marketing technology.

LinkedIn: Erica Seidel

Twitter: @erica_seidel


Anand Thaker is the CEO of IntelliPhi, which advances go-to-market decisions for growth leaders through advisory services, research, and innovation.

LinkedIn: Anand Thaker

Twitter: @AnandThaker

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  • by Alison Mon Aug 20, 2018 via web

    Thanks for the great tips! I should hope by now everyone realizes the value of storytelling and that digital marketing is more about building relationships than just selling, but it's always good to have a reminder. I also appreciate your tip for brevity over bombardment. Sometimes less really is more.

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