Mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the most desirable marketer of them all?

The marketing industry is awash with rapid changes—from the rise of robots to clients demanding transparency and ultra-efficiency—and employers and employees alike need to keep up with the skills that marketing teams require today.

So, what does the most desirable talent in our industry look like now? What are the key traits to consider when thinking about the talent to hang on to... or when marketing yourself?

Keep an eye out for the following types of people.

1. The Innate Creative

I started my career at Rainey Kelly Campbell Roalfe/Y&R, which had a fizzing creative culture at that time. There were very few "bean counters." If we didn't show innate creative tendencies, we wouldn't have been hired.

Everyone had a creative side hustle. One personal assistant was writing a book about virginity-loss stories. Another colleague was a DJ who had her own pirate radio station. The receptionist was a flamboyant actress. I was an account rep doing letter pressing on the side, and there were many more team members who pursued their creative passions.

Today, creativity seems to be dwarfed by the bean counters and their singular focus on growth... or the lack of it. We know creativity has immense power to create business growth, but it will take those who still practice its magic to lead the way.

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image of Ida Rezvani

Ida Rezvani is a senior partner at advertising and PR company WPP.

LinkedIn: Ida Rezvani

Twitter: @IdaRezvani