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This article is part of an occasional series from leading voices about key issues facing marketing today.

Artificial intelligence promises to bring change to nearly every industry—and digital marketing, in particular, will undergo major upheaval from AI sooner rather than later.

Why is online marketing poised to be heavily influenced by AI? Already, many marketing initiatives are automated. And automatable processes can be managed by AI technologies relatively easily, as long as those systems have large data sets from which to draw inferences.

In addition, companies will eagerly drive the adoption of AI-powered marketing tools. That's because AI promises to improve the performance of marketing campaigns across all channels, accelerating the enterprise sales cycle and boosting revenue.

The effect of AI will be so profound that in the near future "intelligent" digital marketing will be the default and today's status quo will seem clunky and cumbersome.

Here are the three areas of marketing that will be affected first.

1. Campaign Optimization

Digital marketing campaigns are already deployed at scale. Enterprise-grade campaign management tools let marketers place thousands of ads across multiple ad networks—but doing so requires significant manual effort.

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image of Michael Bertini

Michael Bertini is the director of search strategy at iQuanti, a digital marketing firm.

LinkedIn: Michael Bertini

Twitter: @MichaelBertinii