At the end of the year, we spend time to reflect, learn and look ahead to the new year. Taking a look back at the past year in the martech industry, one thing comes to mind: growth. With more than 6,000 solutions available for businesses, the martech industry is continuously solving day-to-day problems for companies of various industries in efficient, effective, and innovative ways.

Each day, martech leaders are looking to innovate and to create new technologies. It will be no different throughout 2019.

Consider machine-learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI): We understand that AI and ML can identify trends that we're unable to see as humans, but AI and machine learning will soon identify buying trends across integrated systems, such as sales enablement, training, and Web browsing, so that each informs all. That integration will expand opportunities in both sales and marketing to help provide better experiences and drive results.

However, the increased inclusion of machine-learning and artificial intelligence covers only a fraction of what the more than 6,000 martech solutions are capable of accomplishing in 2019.

Below, I connected with several leaders in the martech space to get their 2019 predictions on a variety of topics, ranging from Facebook marketing to meeting automation.

ABM Platforms to Advance in 2019

"With many new marketing trends, products are released that are good but not great. Everyone's racing to market, and the technology is really in an MVP state. I think this has been the case with many ABM platforms, but, in 2019, I believe the sophistication will really ramp up. ABM platforms will begin to connect with more core systems and data sources marketers use, bigger players will acquire smaller ones, and you'll start to see more all-in-one leaders emerging. In addition to that, the sophistication of buyer intent and predictive analytics will likely get much better." —Ashley Walsh, VP of Marketing at Formstack

Easier Integrations for Email Marketing Platforms

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Carson Conant is the CEO and founder of sales enablement company Mediafly, which has landed on Inc.'s 5000 fastest-growing companies list for four consecutive years, Inc.'s Best Workplaces of 2018 list, and Top 10 Best Place to Work list by Crain's Chicago.

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