In our digitally driven world, the human element of your brand can easily get lost. Which is why events can do wonders for your sales—because nothing can replace the rapport built by meeting face-to-face.

If you've never hosted an event, it can be daunting to manage all the logistics. But the effort is well worth the reward. Depending on your brand and positioning, you'll benefit from a certain type of event more than others.

Here are three types of events that can boost sales for your brand.

1. User Conferences

As the name implies, this event gathers users of your product or service for a conference that's centered on your offering or industry. Microsoft Ignite and Salesforce's Dreamforce are top examples of this type of event.

Often, the goal of these events is to promote the sharing of best-practices among your users so that they can get the most out of your product. That deepens and solidifies your user's relationship with both your brand and your product.

User conferences build trust and can have a significant impact on customer retention.

There are also other benefits. Chances are if user want to travel to your conference, your product is instrumental in their business or livelihood. You can not merely teach them how best to use what they're already using but also upsell them on a higher-end product or service. You can also give them previews of your product road map.

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image of Michael Burns

Michael Burns is chief revenue officer at event tech firm Aventri. He's helped brands, including American Airlines, Mary Kay, and TicketMaster, execute profitable events.

LinkedIn: Michael Burns