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Regarding the effectiveness of experiential marketing, the numbers speak for themselves. According to the CVENT 2018 Global Planner Sourcing Report, 54% of marketers said their budgets for events have increased over the last year, and EventTrack 2018 report found that 69% of people attend events to shop for products or services.

Therefore, it should come as no surprise that tradeshows, conferences, and just about all live events have become essential tools for implementing exceptional marketing strategies. No other medium works better to create an emotional bond between your brand and its customers and prospects.

Of course, as with any marketing strategy, there are right ways and wrong ways to approach live events.

Marketers must have a solid road map that will allow them to take advantage of every benefit that events have to offer. If you keep the following dos and don'ts in mind when implementing your next experiential marketing strategy, you will be in a great position to optimize your return on investment and meet your brand's goals.

8 Do's

Make sure your live experience aligns with your brand messaging and supports your overall marketing strategy. Continuity in communication helps you avoid confusion and promotes customer advocacy, so be sure to employ messaging that is currently being used in your other media.

Choose the right kind of event. Tradeshows are the most popular for business-to-business marketers because they allow you access to large groups of prospective and existing clients, but there are several options: pop-ups, mobile tours, road shows, luncheons, seminars, on-site user conferences, and more. Whatever your choice, it should fit your overall marketing strategy and budget.

Consider the wants and needs of your attendees above all else. After all, they are the reason for investing in the event to begin with. The more you know about your clients and prospects, the better you'll be at creating messages that resonate, impress, and persuade. For marketers , attendee empathy means knowing what a customer desires and seeing the product or service through their eyes.

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image of Allen Yesilevich

Allen Yesilevich is the VP of marketing and growth at MC², a brand experience solutions agency focusing on driving growth through events and activations.

Twitter: @allenyesilevich

LinkedIn: Allen Yesilevich