The popularity of online shopping has transformed both the retail industry and the customer's buying experience. Consumers can now buy virtually anything they want just with the click of a button—anytime and anywhere. Gone are the days when shoppers were forced to leave their homes, setting aside hours of their days to shop and stand in long checkout lines. Without doubt, e-commerce is changing retail for the better.

But it's far from perfect...

According to analysis from Internet Retailer on US Commerce Department data, e-commerce accounted for 14% of total retail sales in 2018. Clearly, there's a need for brands and retailers to address the changing shopping landscape and better meet customer demands, otherwise they will be left in the dust of industry Goliaths (looking at you, Amazon).

In this article, I discuss three of the biggest challenges today's online shoppers face, along with some ways brands and retailers should consider to mitigate those challenges.

Choice Paralysis

Think about the last time you were shopping for something online but did not know exactly what you were looking for (for me, it was a camera for my 15-year-old daughter). You were likely overwhelmed with the number of choices (thousands) that were presented to you with technical jargon (aperture? f-stop?). And... no salesperson to help out or guide you!

The common perception is that the more products available to consumers, the better, whereas quite the opposite is true. More choice can actually hinder sales. A large assortment of choice is often more likely to deter customers than pull them in.

"Choice overload" is all too real.

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image of Claudine Bianchi

Claudine Bianchi is CMO of zoovu, an AI-driven conversational marketing platform used by over 500 leading brands and retailers, including Amazon, Best Buy, L'Oreal, Whirlpool, Kitchen Aid, and Microsoft.

LinkedIn: Claudine Bianchi

Twitter: @claudinesview