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In today's world, more and more companies are seeing the potential benefits of implementing technology into their workflows. At the same, many are seeing the pitfalls of selecting the wrong technology.

One of the major pitfalls in selecting technology is that it's simply too difficult to get started with or too complex to use.

In marketing and sales, the most commonly used tools are customer relationship management systems (CRMs). They are home to relevant data about your customers to enable your sales team to be more productive and efficient, and consequently make more sales.

It's obvious that if a business is going to reap the benefits of having a CRM, employees must use it. But increasing employee adoption of a CRM is no small task. Make the adoption process easier by selecting the right system for your team's needs.

What a company needs in a CRM will differ from team to team and business to business. For example, the needs of an small-to-midsize business (SMB) are going to be much different from those of a large enterprise. At the SMB level, it is crucial to find a basic CRM that won't drain all your team's time and resources.

Here are four components that an SMB should look for in a CRM to help drive employee adoption.

1. Efficient Onboarding

Nothing will hinder employee adoption like a lengthy onboarding process. Some CRMs require the devotion of a full-time employee to implement, train, and manage. That is not only unrealistic at the SMB level but also unnecessary.

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image of Ciaren Diante

Ciaren Diante is head of customer success at Capsule, a customer relationship management (CRM) SaaS platform. Ciaren has 20+ years' experience helping businesses to grow rapidly.

LinkedIn: Ciaren Diante