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Although search experts are the ones who determine the best strategies for organically ranking a website, the execution of much of that work is done by Web developers.

And that means your website's success relies on the two teams' maintaining a positive working relationship. That relationship is important when things are going smoothly, but it's critical when something goes wrong.

"Make friends with your Web designer" is smart advice for an SEO practitioner.

This article covers a few best-practices that require effective collaboration between SEOs and their friends on the Web development team.

1. Write unique title tags

Title tags seem straightforward, but they're significant in SEO.

A good, well-optimized title tag can be good for your rankings on search engines; a compelling title tag can also greatly influence the number of people that may click your result (click-through rate, or CTR). Crafting a well-composed title may mean more people compelled to click.

And because Google seeks to rank content that's a good match with the user's intent, checking both of those off your list can boost both rankings and user engagement.

Your Web developer can help you implement changes to a site's title tags, especially when updating en masse.

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Cyrus Shepard is SEO strategist at Moz, founder of SEO company Zyppy, and an online marketer, content publisher, speaker, and writer.

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